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For more than 30 years, New Creation is the go-to builder for helping homeowners throughout Fort Worth renovate, restore, and revamp their homes. Our house refurbishing capabilities include partially remodeled or completely renovated kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms at affordable prices; without sacrificing quality. Additionally, our home restoration services include new flooring, painting, floorboards, trim, and more. Remember, your remodel is always customized and tailored around your family’s needs and wants.

Let us show you what pride of work and quality craftsmanship look like with results you’ll absolutely love.

We have more than 30 years of home remodeling experience. We bring hands-on expertise to every unique project we take on.

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After many years as a property owner, there comes a time when you want things to change (modernized). Renovating, adding an extension to your existing space, or enclosing a porch are all great ways to get more from your existing property; while adding to your home’s value and curb appeal.

You might want to update an old bathroom, alter the layout of your kitchen, or even just switch the color of your siding. Regardless of the scope of your home refurbish, New Creation is one of the most trusted construction companies in Fort Worth and we’re prepared to deliver transformative results for your family’s residence.

Why Choose New Creation Construction?

Residents throughout the area know us for being a tried and true, quality-oriented remodeler; capable of taking on storm-damage, reconstruction projects of any size. From top-to-bottom kitchen remodels, with new cabinetry, countertops, and flooring, priced in the tens-of-thousands of dollars to a simple paint touch-up for your house’s exterior trim, we put our undivided attention into the finest of details for each and every revamping job we take on.

Kitchen Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

This is the age of the luxury kitchen! More homeowners opt for quality materials and stunning designs, because they know their kitchen is the cornerstone of value and exceptionalism in their homes. That means luxury materials like tile and hardwood for the floors, quartz and other natural stone countertops, stainless steel for appliances and much more. Put them together with ornate cabinets, accented backsplashes and stand-out fixtures and you’ve got a kitchen that’s the pinnacle of modern sophistication.

Kitchens with personality are “in” right now, and will be for decades to come. It’s easy to see why! People are choosing bold colors, intriguing design concepts and intuitive layouts to craft kitchens that are so unique, you’ll try to find even more reasons to spend time in them. Imagine dark, intricately-styled cabinets flanking the walls or a multipurpose island as the centerpiece of your kitchen. And, in homes with little space to spare, space-saving, ergonomic cabinetry is growing in popularity. It’s all streamlined into a kitchen design that’ll take your breath away.

Don’t forget about technology, either! In the age of the smart home, the kitchen is a hub of intuition. Smart appliances can be controlled from any room of your home. Innovative lighting solutions are adjusted with the sound of your voice. And, of course, virtual personal assistants are standing by to help you mix up recipes or check the price on groceries before you even leave the house. The smart home takeover has begun, and it’s starting in the kitchen. Even USB outlets and tablets are commonplace in today’s high-end kitchens.

If you’re intrigued by the modern kitchen and want to bring your own vision of it to life, contact the experts at New Creation Construction today to begin planning the kitchen you’ve always wanted, right down to the last little detail.

Bathroom Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

The bathroom may not be the biggest room in your home, but it’s rife with infinite possibilities when it comes to designing a remodel. There are so many unique elements to customize and materials to choose from! Modern bathrooms are making the most of every little detail, from sinks and toilets, to showers and tubs, to lighting, vanities and beyond. The theme? Space-saving, without compromising on design and personality. In the modern bathroom, you can have it all! There’s room for big focal showers and tubs, minor décor accents, quirky themes and a few throwback concepts with a modern twist.

Consider innovative, modern ideas like floating mirrors above console sink vanities. Or, opt for a wall-mounted toilet alongside a side-mount sink, to really bring depth and dimension to your bathroom. Dam-less showers are a major focal feature, but floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures are just as popular. Look to materials like polished nickel and brass, as well as luxury stone countertops and alluring ceramic tile. Throw in the odd accent light fixture and some creative cabinetry and you’ve got a modern bathroom brimming with appeal!

Flooring has always been the most essential material to consider in a stand-out bathroom. In today’s modern bathrooms, this couldn’t be truer—and there are amazing flooring materials for every budget. Stick to durable and vastly customizable vinyl if you’re on a tight remodeling budget. For flashier upgrades, it’s hard to beat ceramic tiling—especially with accent tiles placed strategically throughout. And, if cost is no object in your bathroom remodeling vision, marble is the runaway winner for beauty, quality and timelessness.

Painter in Fort Worth, TX

Painting might seem like a simple task, but there’s much more that goes into a professional paint job than meets the eye. If you’re planning on repainting your home’s interior or exterior, put your trust in the professionals. From prep work, to painting, to finishing and beyond, you’ll see the difference an expert painting approach makes.

Interior painting is all about the prep work. Our experienced painters spend more time preparing for the job, than actually painting! This includes repairing minor divots and scratches, sanding down imperfections, cleaning the surface, taping, removing hardware and fixtures, priming and so much more. Done right, thorough prep work results in a quick, flawless paint job. Whether you’re whitewashing your walls, adding a bold new color or painting accents and trim, there’s no substitute for preparation. Our brushwork isn’t anything to scoff at, either! You’ll get even coats, flawless edges, proper saturation and perfect color tones across every wall, ceiling or other surface.

Your home’s exterior surfaces play a big role in curb appeal. You want people to crane their necks when they drive past and stop to admire your property when they’re walking by. A fresh coat of paint can do that. But, only if it’s applied right. That means knowing the right type of paint to use for vinyl siding, wood trim and other features and materials. You want to make sure the paint goes on clean, preserves its color over time and won’t strip or peel against the elements. We’ll help you figure out the details, then apply paint to your exterior with quickness and precision. Don’t worry about getting up on a ladder in the hot sun—leave the job to us and get results that make your home stand out beautifully.

If you have questions about interior or exterior painting, New Creation Construction will gladly answer them for you. Contact us today to get a free quote on your painting project, no matter how big or small it may be.

New Flooring in Fort Worth, TX

We walk all over our floors, but that doesn’t make them any less important to pay attention to during a remodel. In fact, your floors represent the largest surface in your home—make sure they’re being handled with care and quality during renovations. At New Creation Construction, we believe beautiful flooring unlocks the full potential of a remodel. It can offset your accents, improve your interior aesthetic and set the stage (literally!) for a design that’s truly awe-inspiring.

When planning for your flooring, the material you choose makes all the difference. Modern trends advocate for wood—it’s a timeless material with tons of grain options, stain colors and styles. Popular favorites right now include fumed woods for texture, bleached woods for modern appeal and distressed wood for a perfect marriage of contemporary and classic styles. Patterned wood is also big!

If you’re not into wood or your design vision has something else in mind, there’s always luxury vinyl plank and tile to consider. Large geometric tiles are a great way to inspire accents at floor-level, and they’re perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. Vinyl plank gives the appearance of wood, but with so many more styles—plus the benefit of low maintenance. It’s the material of choice for living rooms, bedrooms and anywhere else in the home that could benefit from a luxury boost. If you’ve got old linoleum, dusty tile or crummy carpeting that needs to go, replace them with a high-value, highly alluring option like vinyl plank or tile and add value and appeal throughout your home.

Want to learn more about the modern wood flooring options available to you? Interested in budget-friendly vinyl plank or versatile tile flooring? Contact New Creation Construction today and let us show you some samples, so you can pick the flooring that’s perfect for your home remodel.

Pergola Builder in Fort Worth, TX

Your living space doesn’t end where your roof does—it extends to your entire outdoor property. Make the most of it by installing outdoor fixtures and conveniences you’ll use for as long as you live there. The team at New Creation Construction has experience building a broad assortment of outdoor projects, including each of the following construction projects.


Whether you’ve got a dog, kids or just value your privacy, a fence is the ultimate outdoor installation. We install fencing of all types, including wood, chain link, vinyl and combination fences. From privacy fences to decorative installations, security fencing to gates and access control systems, our mission is to define your property in an appealing, secure way. We can fence your entire property, a small segment, a pool, a walking path or wherever else you value a barrier.


From driveway gates to gates installed as part of your fencing, we ensure there’s secure access and entry to your property wherever you need it. Talk to us about the type of gate you’re looking for and we’ll bring it to life on your property—from simple wood gating to wrought iron and secure gating or even remote controlled systems, we’ll make sure you get the gate that best fits your needs.


Not only is a pergola a great focal addition to your property, it’s also a great way to enjoy some artificial shade while you lounge outdoors. Pergolas are highly customizable and offer broad possibilities for properties of all types. Incorporate a deck or other outdoor fixtures for a cohesive addition to your property you’ll enjoy for years.


Don’t lose precious garage space to lawn care equipment, tools and other supplies! Build a shed and stow these items in a space all their own. We can build sheds of all sizes, from pouring the concrete pad to perfectly sloping the roof. We’ll make sure you have space enough for everything you want to store, in a shed that looks great on your property.

How Success is Measured

We measure our success by your satisfaction and we get a sense of pride from exceeding even your highest renovator expectations.

We understand that your house is more than just a place where you hang your hat after work. It’s your abode. A place where you should always feel comfortable and relaxed. A place that should always meet your demands. This is why we take the time to communicate with our clients, helping finalize designs, choose materials and keep you updated. When you choose New Creation builders for your remodel or renovation project, expect nothing short of an exceptional experience, from the initial planning to the final, beautiful finished work.

The New Creation Difference

  • Unlike fly-by-night building contractors, we value communication. We’ll always pick up the phone when you call, or we’ll call you right back. We’re always happy to answer questions.
  • We provide upfront estimates and ongoing updates during your home remodeling project. We’ll let you know as soon as anything comes up and work to keep you on time and under budget.
  • Our attention to detail and quality is impeccable. We settle for nothing less than the very best because we value your happiness above all else.
  • Contact our design team today to discuss an addition to your domicile or for a basic redecoration of your living room!

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