Why You Should Always Opt for High-Quality Paint

Why You Should Always Opt for High-Quality Paint

January 7, 2019

Hiring professional painters is just one of the ways you can guarantee a better quality of workmanship in your painting job. The other big factor to consider is the quality of paint you choose. Even in the hands of expert painting contractors in Fort Worth, TX, cheap paint is going to have a lot of limitations.

So why is it so important that you work with high-quality paint? Its ingredients will make for a better, smoother application that will last. Here’s a bit more detail.

Made to last for years

If you’re investing in hiring a professional painting contractor, it’s important for you to do everything you can to make that investment pay off for years to come. You don’t want to have to regularly repaint your walls due to fading colors or cracking or peeling in the paint. This is especially true in high-traffic interior spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Selecting high-quality paint for these areas ensures your walls and trim will look great for years to come, as those types of paint are more capable of holding up to regular wear and long-term exposure to sunlight.

Enhanced durability

One of the reasons why high-quality paint is able to last you for years is that it has enhanced durability that protects it from peeling, cracking, blistering, fading and chalking. Higher quality paint is also able to avoid getting scuffed or marked up with fingerprints, and prevents the formation of mildew or mold. High-quality paints use the very best binders and resins, which ensure the product adheres to every surface properly. Cheaper paints use lower-quality binders that don’t work as well or last as long.

Fewer coats

Another one of the reasons you should go with a high-quality paint is that you won’t have to spend as much time on the project, because high-quality paints take fewer coats to cover your walls. This is because high-quality paints tend to have more pigmentation than cheap paints. Smaller, purer pigments are better because they provide more coverage, color and depth to the paint job. More pigmentation also means it becomes easier to hide whatever you’re painting over, including any cracks or imperfections in the wall that you’re attempting to hide. If you’re buying cheaper paint, you might be saving per gallon, but you’re also going to need to buy a lot more of it to cover your walls, so those per-gallon savings might not really end up being worth it in the end.

Greater protection

High-quality paints don’t just provide longer lasting results and better color and depth to your walls—they also help to protect your home against mildew. Cheaper paints do not have mildew protection benefits, which means your home may be more susceptible to mold and decay.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s so beneficial to spend the money on higher-quality paint. For more information and tips, reach out to the team of painting contractors in Fort Worth, TX at New Creation Construction today.

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