Some Tips to Save Money During Your Bathroom Renovations in Fort Worth, TX

Some Tips to Save Money During Your Bathroom Renovations in Fort Worth, TX

March 25, 2019

Are you preparing to remodel your bathroom? It’s completely understandable if you’re concerned about how much money the project is going to cost you. After all, kitchen and bathroom remodels, while they do add a significant amount of value to your home, also come with a pretty significant initial investment.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to save some money during your bathroom renovations in Fort Worth, TX. Here are just a few examples of some of those money-saving strategies you can employ in your project:

  • Try to avoid moving your plumbing: One of the biggest causes of bathroom renovation expenses getting out of control is if you plan on moving plumbing fixtures. Using the existing piping and keeping your fixtures right where they are can save you a significant amount of money. You can expect to spend about five grand for every time you move a plumbing fixture.
  • Update your toilet rather than replacing: If your toilet is still perfectly functional, then you don’t necessarily need to completely replace it. You might be able to get a lot of mileage and aesthetic improvement out of just replacing the lid and toilet seat rather than getting rid of the entire porcelain toilet itself.
  • Reuse: If you can find salvage to use for some of the materials in your remodel, or if you can reuse old pieces of furniture or fixtures, this will save you a whole lot of money over going new for every aspect of the project. For example, you can look for vintage dressers at flea markets or antique stores and easily turn them into vanities. You can also find old vanities and sinks and refurbish them for use in your home. This adds a lot of character while also saving you a great deal of money.
  • Don’t feel like you have to tile everything: Tile can get expensive in a hurry, and you don’t necessarily have to do floor-to-ceiling tile. Consider some other alternatives like reclaimed wood, board and batten, beadboard or wainscoting in some areas of your bathroom.
  • Open shelving: Open shelving doesn’t cost quite as much as traditional cabinets, and can also create the illusion of more space in a smaller bathroom. It can also be a great design choice if you’re looking for ways to showcase colorful towels, soaps, washcloths and décor.
  • Lighting: Adding lighting can go a long way toward improving the aesthetic of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Simply swapping out a fixture or changing to LED bulbs can make a huge difference.

Consulting a professional about your plans at the outset of the project can be the best way to make sure you don’t stray down a wayward path leading to DIY disaster. Having a general contractor in Fort Worth, TX help you prepare your bathroom renovation guarantees you’re aware of what you can safely do on your own and what is best to leave to the professionals. Contact New Creation Construction today for more information about how you can get started.

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